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Originally Posted by hwe001
Hi I am working on a workstation and can not use 'sudo', but how to install a software (eg Skype) locally? anyone knows how to use "fakeroot"? does that mean I still can use "fakeroot" to install a software locally?

Thanks, Harvey

No, fakeroot is used when building packages in your user account, and all it does it change the owner of the files in the package to root:root, instead of user:user.

If you want to install packages on your system directories, then you have to use sudo or be root. However, you can locally install software in your user directory and use it successfully. This is not secure, because you could mistakenly remove a file from your user account and break the software. A good example is the firefox binary from mozilla.org .. you can download it into your user directory, untar it, and just click on the 'firefox' script to start it. I have not used Skype, but maybe you can do this with Skype too.

You should get access to sudo to install software properly, or have someone who has sudo install it for you.



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